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Streamlined procure-to-pay solutions for the hospitality industry

Are you keen to automate your ordering process? Bring a whole new level of efficiency to your inventory management? Or perhaps you're ready to switch from paper to digital invoicing? Whatever your procure-to-pay challenge, we have the solution.  

Revolutionise your P2P processes with FutureLog

Designed with the unique needs of the hospitality industry in mind, our innovative suite of procure-to-pay software is a complete end-to-end solution, from ordering and inventory management to business intelligence and invoicing.

Explore our P2P Solutions

Empowering operational efficiency


Secure, streamlined procurement, with powerful elastic search, data-rich item descriptions and convenient order lists

Inventory Management

Real-time stock overviews, centralised master data management, Bluetooth connectivity and barcode scanning efficiency

Recipe Management

Detailed guides & nutritional information, robust cost calculations and POS connectivity for automated stock depletion

Contract Management

Digital document archive with easy accessibility, robust search, detailed supplier information and automated notifications


A digital archive and central, unified invoice overview with transparent approvals, audit trails and comparison views

Business Intelligence

Customisable reports, in-depth analytics and dynamic visualisations, with actionable insights for data-driven decisions

An elevated user-experience

P2P Synchronisation across our web and native mobile apps

At FutureLog, our backgrounds in hospitality and procurement technology mean that we truly understand the challenges and painpoints that today's hoteliers face. We know the importance of intuitive interfaces, a connected tech stack with easy ERP and POS integrations, real-time reporting,  online and offline capabilities, plus simple, automated workflows that allow you and your teams to spend more time on what's important - your guests. 

An innovative, customer-centric user experience awaits you. Transition effortlessly between our web and native mobile apps, confident that your orders, approvals, and all your P2P activities are synchronised seamlessly. 


It's easy to get started with FutureLog

Creative, flexible procure-to-pay solutions

Meticulously developed for hoteliers by hoteliers, our market-leading procure-to-pay software will empower you to enhance your operational efficiency, optimise your resources, and elevate your guest experience. Explore our solutions and embark on a journey towards a more efficient and profitable future.

Future-proof your hotel operations

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The hospitality and gastronomy industries can ill afford to be held back by manual, paper-heavy processes and outdated, limited procure-to-pay solutions. FutureLog customers remain at the forefront of innovation, empowered to grow, boost efficiency and reduce their costs.

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