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Chef in restaurant kitchen adding seasoning to a dish of freshly prepared food

Recipe Management Solutions with a Pinch of Genius

Relying on traditional, paper-based recipe management methods is like trying to dice an onion with a dull knife; awkward, inconsistent, and time consuming. Our cloud-based recipe management system on the other hand? It’s the cutting-edge of the recipe management world; razor-sharp, precise and artfully designed for maximum efficiency. Creating data-driven menus has never been easier.

A Recipe Management System that Serves YOU

How frustrating is it when you come up with an inspiring new dish only to find yourself waiting around for the appropriate approvals before you can start experimenting? Or having to make do with missing or incorrect ingredients due to manual entry errors somewhere up the line? Or having limited access to the data required to make informed analyses and improvements on the fly? It sounds like a recipe for disaster…

There’s an old saying: “a great workman never blames their tools.” It might sound clever, but in reality it’s a poor attempt at justifying not having the appropriate tools to begin with.

The good news? Our restaurant recipe management software was built from the ground-up with all of gastronomy's biggest hurdles in mind. The result? An efficient, harmonious, and well-balanced recipe management tool that eliminates all unnecessary challenges from the process.

Featured Ingredients in Our Recipe Management Solution

So, what’s included in our restaurant recipe management system? And how can it help you and your team streamline the recipe management process?

Flexible recipe management

  • Multiple device accessibility
    From desktop to mobile, our cloud based recipe management software provides maximum versatility.
  • Seamless integration 
    Worried about losing your existing recipes? Relax. You can import your entire existing library with a few quick & easy steps.
  • Versatile menu and recipe management
    Build menus and edit recipes with impressive flexibility, including the option to add photos to individual listings.

Consistency & efficiency

  • Share and approve in real-time
    Tired of waiting for the green light? Share recipes with the relevant parties in an instant!
  • Cross-location consistency
    FutureLog’s recipe management system powers all your locations and suppliers in one user-friendly app.
  • Reduce costs with greater efficiency
    Secure the best deals from the finest suppliers and access menu-engineering reports for data-driven cost optimisation.

Make Special Menus and Prepare for Seasonal Events Effortlessly

Chefs are a creative bunch who operate at their absolute best when they have the freedom and flexibility to exercise their imaginations. Not only can our cloud based recipe management software significantly reduce administrative costs, but it will also free your kitchen team up with more precious time that can be spent dreaming up new dishes and preparing for your next big event. 

Additionally, having ready access to a plenitude of local suppliers with accurate and regularly updated offerings will enable your team to customise their favorite dishes with the finest seasonal produce as and when they are available. 

Efficient, automated P2P journeys

Futurelog in numbers

Our mission is to facilitate streamlined communication and seamless connectivity amongst all P2P stakeholders. Delivering value, simplicity & efficiency through automation and innovation is our passion, and the numbers speak for themselves.







1.5 M


14 K


2.5 M+


Your recipe management questions, our answers:

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we display a wide range of nutritional data, and our customers can update and share this information across their divisions for consistent, efficient management of recipes, menus and product information.

We use quick-view icons to indicate lactose, gluten, spice, and meat content in recipes. Much more detailed information on additives, allergens etc. is also provided, helping you and your kitchens to manage dietary information quickly and comprehensively.

FutureLog's Recipe Management standardises recipes for hotels and restaurants through centralised storage, ingredient tracking, portion control, nutritional data, allergen alerts, versioning, cross-location sharing, and real-time updates, ensuring consistency and efficiency across your organisation.

Yes! FutureLog enables you to easily distribute recipes and ingredient lists amongst your kitchen staff, fostering effective communication and ensuring consistent preparation across your culinary teams.

Yes. Customers can add their recipes and preparation guides in various languages, so that teams can toggle between their preferred languages quickly and easily.

Learn More About FutureLog’s Restaurant Recipe Management Solution

Get in touch

Have we piqued your interest? Did you find this little appetiser satisfying and would now like to move onto the main course? If so, please do not hesitate to contact us today and we will gladly answer any questions you may have regarding our cloud based recipe management system. 

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