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Digital Contract Management Software for Hospitality


A secure, digital contract archive with easy accessibility, robust search functions, automated expiration notifications and audit-compliant document management for a centralised, end-to-end contract lifecycle experience.

Digital Contract Management made easy with FutureLog

Contract lifecycle management

From the easy creation, storage and retrieval of contracts to their effortless maintenance, review and renewal,  FutureLog's digital contract management solution covers the entire lifecycle, improving your organisation's efficiency one digital document at a time.

What Features Are Included?

You're in control. With FutureLog's digital contract management solution, all your contracts, licenses, certificates and other important documents are at your fingertips:

Search, retrieve and review

  • Predictive, powerful search: 
    Swiftly locate the documents you need with smart search functionality.
  • Advanced filters: 
    Refine your search by applying custom filters such as types of documents.
  • Efficient sorting: 
    Sort through documents and contracts quickly using multiple sorting options, e.g., by name, most recently uploaded or by expiration date.
  • Status Overviews:
    Monitor the status of all your contracts in one centralised overview, with colour-coding for at-a-glance analysis.

Stay ahead, act swiftly

  • Expiration notifications: 
    Choose a timeframe before your contract's expiration and get automated in-app and email reminders to ensure you never miss an important action.
  • Auto-renewal management: 
    Save time and effort with the optional auto-renewal of contracts.
  • Contract validity: 
    Add an optional start & end date for each of your documents for easy validity indications.
  • Efficient workflows: 
    Collaboration amongst your team is easy, with transparent activity  and version history.

Seamless, secure management

  • Document protection: 
    Secure storage and fully compliant with audit requirements.
  • User Permissions: 
    Different permissions levels available to control and protect document accessibility (e.g., view only, editing, etc.).
  • File Formats:
    A range of file types can be uploaded by "drag and drop" or directly from your device.

Your detail-rich repository

Access an in-depth catalogue of supplier information with FutureLog's digital contract management solution. From contact details and delivery dates to their creditor ID and payment terms, it's all available to you in one thoughtfully-structured, central location.

Efficient, automated P2P journeys

Futurelog in numbers

Our mission is to facilitate streamlined communication and seamless connectivity amongst all P2P stakeholders. Delivering value, simplicity & efficiency through automation and innovation is our passion, and the numbers speak for themselves.







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Your contract management questions, our answers:

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, with FutureLog you have the flexibility to set up reminders for contract renewal dates and configure the timing of alerts in advance. Additionally, our contract management tool can automatically send email and in-app notifications to designated users, ensuring that you never miss an important deadline while helping you to proactively manage your contracts.

FutureLog's flexibility to differentiate between Contracts and Certificates, as well as the ability to create custom Contract types, empowers customers to tailor the system to their specific contract management needs, ensuring comprehensive and accurate record-keeping. FutureLog allows users to attach multiple documents to contracts, with the flexibility to name them differently for easy identification. Furthermore, the platform displays about-to-expire contracts in the supplier overview.

Yes, FutureLog enables you to share contracts across divisions and cost-centers within your organisation, enhancing collaboration and ensuring that contract information is accessible to all relevant stakeholders. You also have the option to keep documents private; you're in control. 

You can view expiry notifications in several ways:

  • Supplier Overview: Documents with impending expiration dates are tagged with an easily identifiable "Expires soon" tag within your supplier overview.
  • Message Center: Notifications regarding expiring contracts are also delivered to the Message Center of the FutureLog App, helping you to stay well-informed about contract renewals.   
  • Email Alerts: When you set up contract alerts, all specifed users will receive email notifications.                                                                                                        

Private Documents: Private documents are restricted to specific individuals or user roles. Only authorised users can access and view these documents. They are typically used for sensitive or confidential information that should not be shared broadly.

Public Documents: Public documents are accessible to a wider audience within your divisions and cost-centers. They are intended for information that can be shared and viewed by a broader group of users.

Discover the efficiencies of FutureLog Contract Management

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