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Hospitality Invoice Management Solutions

Forget the old, paper-based invoices and say hello to our digitised invoice management solution; a central, unified invoice overview and digital archive with quick-view status information plus transparent, trackable approvals and workflows. Automate your invoicing processes with pre-defined approval trees, track changes with transparent audit trails  and significantly reduce costly data input errors.

Transparent Invoice Management Solutions by FutureLog

Imagine being able to eliminate the need for paper, no longer having to chase down and identify data input errors, and enjoying fully-compliant invoice processing from start to finish. How much time would you be able to save if all of these administrative tasks could be automated? These are just a few of the attractive benefits you can leverage with FutureLog’s digital invoice management for hotels.

Do you feel like it’s time to shake things up and explore a superior way to handle your invoicing? Read on and we’ll tell you everything you need to know!

What Features Are Included?

Here’s a quick look at the various features you can leverage when you upgrade to invoice management automation: 

Digitally transformed processes

  • Waste-free
    Reduce your carbon footprint by eliminating the need for paper and embracing a fully digitised invoice management system.
  • Transparent approval workflow
    Achieve transparency, maintain punctual payment cycles, and avoid any potential discrepancies.
  • No more data-entry
    Fed up with manually entering hand-written invoices into your system? Enjoy FutureLog’s best-in-class accuracy.

Efficient, automated workflows

  • Support multiple types of document
    From PO invoices and non-PO invoices, to credit memos and more, our invoice management software provides widespread support.
  • Fewer invoice exceptions
    Save time and money by eliminating invoices that cannot be matched to a purchase order without manual resolution.
  • No more manual invoice coding 
    You can automatically code your invoices using approved PO coding.

Streamline purchase processes, increase employee productivity, and improve vendor relationships

Traditional invoice approval methods are tedious, time consuming and subject to potential errors. But what if you could automate the process with significantly improved accuracy? 


Here’s what a typical invoice approval workflow looks like: 

  • Invoice verification: validating invoices against other purchase-related documents. 
  • Identify exceptions: if an invoice fails verification due to a discrepancy or missing info, it must be manually rectified and sent through again. 
  • Obtain necessary approvals: once thoroughly verified and validated, invoices can be sent for approval.  
  • Payment: after the verification and approval has been checked off, payments can finally be processed and the invoices closed. 


When cloud-based invoice management solutions are coupled with eProcurement software however, all of these challenged can be eliminated and you can instead benefit from a faster, more accurate, fully compliant, and automated invoice management process.  

Efficient, automated P2P journeys

Futurelog in numbers

Our mission is to facilitate streamlined communication and seamless connectivity amongst all P2P stakeholders. Delivering value, simplicity & efficiency through automation and innovation is our passion, and the numbers speak for themselves.







1.5 M


14 K


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Your digital invoicing questions, our answers:

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can upload printed invoices to compare and match the information in FutureLog. This feature allows for efficient invoice reconciliation, helping to ensure accuracy and consistency in your financial records. Our comparison mode allows you to easily compare invoice information side-by-side with that stored in FutureLog.

FutureLog leverages OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology for automated data extraction and side-by-side data comparisons to enhance the security and accuracy of your invoicing data.

Any hotel, restaurant or venue interested in streamlining and automating their invoicing processes.

Yes, FutureLog's invoicing system is compatible with popular accounting software and can be easily integrated. Please see our Service and Support section for a more detailed overview of our integration possibilities.

Yes, FutureLog can process different currencies, making it suitable for businesses that operate internationally or work with a diverse range of currencies.

Welcome to the Future of Invoice Handling 

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Do you like the sound of introducing a secure, efficient and transparent invoice approval process with a digital archive solution to your business? Would you like to enjoy improved productivity while saving time and money? 
Simply contact us and discover how our invoice management solutions can transform your business today. 

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