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Hospitality eProcurement & Purchase Order Management Solutions

Simplify your procurement process with our purchase order management system; comprehensive tools that enable you to digitise and automate your procurement processes for full visibility and total control.

Seamless eProcurement Solutions by FutureLog

Imagine a user-friendly procurement system that can increase productivity, simplify procurement across multiple departments and locations, and provide total visibility into spending and compliance across the board. Sounds too good to be true, right?

Well, these are just a handful of the practical benefits that our eProcurement and hotel purchasing software provides. In fact, when you realise the full potential of FutureLog’s hospitality purchase order platform, you’ll understand why so many of your competitors are making the transition to cloud-based solutions today.

What features are included?

Here’s a quick snapshot of the many features you can utilise when you migrate your traditional purchase order platform to our cloud-based purchase order management system: 

Purchase requisitions, orders & receiving

  • Purchase requisitions, orders & receiving
    Track your purchase transactions and budget analysis in real-time. 
  • Accurate supplier catalogues
    Access a wealth of product catalogues from multiple suppliers with real-time pricing. 
  • Add new suppliers with ease
    It's easy to onboard local and global suppliers with FutureLog’s purchase order platform.

The Hospitality Industry relies on Efficiency

speed and consistency

What makes a great hotel? Sure, having a beautiful location with friendly staff, a world-class restaurant, and lavishly furnished rooms that boast cosy beds and fluffy pillows is certainly helpful; but it’s the speed, consistency and overall efficiency of the service you offer that makes a lasting impression. 

At FutureLog, we emulate these core values in our purchase order management system by providing our clients with the tools they need to easily overcome the biggest challenges that traditional procurement methods create. 

Automated, Efficient Procurement

  • Intuitive, smart product searches
  • Streamlined EDI and OCI connectivity
  • In-house & inter-property transfers
  • Fast, transparent approval process

Revolutionising your eProcurement process

Gone are the days of struggling to find the best goods and services at fair and affordable prices, labouring over the complexity of your supply chain, or wasting valuable time trying to ensure total regulatory compliance.

With our superior Procure-to-Pay solutions, you can effortlessly streamline every single aspect of your P2P process and save precious resources that can be re-invested in your business and, more importantly, your guests.  

Efficient, automated P2P journeys

Futurelog in numbers

Our mission is to facilitate streamlined communication and seamless connectivity amongst all P2P stakeholders. Delivering value, simplicity & efficiency through automation and innovation is our passion, and the numbers speak for themselves.







1.5 M


14 K


2.5 M+


Your digital ordering and procurement questions, our answers:

Frequently Asked Questions

Purchase order management software for hospitality, restaurants & venues can benefit your business in a multitude of different ways:

  • Easy, real-time monitoring 
  • Effective purchase order management 
  • Fast invoice & bill management
  • Transparent vendor and supplier management 
  • Airtight data security
  • And more…

The short answer: it’s not! Our streamlined procurement platform integrates  quickly and easily with your existing accounting systems. Not only that, but setting up and customising interfaces between your POS, accounting tools, and external IMS is practically effortless. 

We understand that the prospect of leaving your old procurement methods behind and investing in a new, cloud-based procurement platform may be daunting. For example, how can you be certain that you are choosing the right system for your business? 

When you choose FutureLog, you’ll be working with the only procurement platform that was designed and tailored specifically for the hospitality industry. 

Additionally, over 2,000 companies across 50 countries have embraced our end-to-end procure-to-pay services, so you can rest assured that we are offering a thoroughly tried & tested product. 

Absolutely! With FutureLog, it is easy to integrate both local and global partners. Not only can you continue working with all your favourite suppliers, but you also gain access to a multitude of other prospective vendors that may pique your interest as well. 

We understand that people comfortable with their existing procurement methods may feel anxious about potentially learning a whole new system. If this applies to you, rest assured that our software was designed and built with the user experience at the forefront of our priorities. 

Our eprocurement software is simplicity itself. It enables you to automate a wide range of complex tasks with very little manual effort whatsoever. It's intuitive, user-friendly, and very easy to master - and the best part? You can always request a demo to see for yourself before making any commitments. 

If you quite enjoy the administrative side of hotel procurement and like to keep a close eye on things, you’ll love our innovative software. You don’t lose control by embracing the power of automation; in fact, you actually gain more.

Access secure and transparent approvals throughout the ordering process, leverage actionable insights via your comprehensive and customisable Business Intelligence dashboard, and significantly reduce your manual workloads – all while dramatically improving your data analysis and overall process efficiency

More than that! Cloud-based security is a far superior alternative to keeping all your business-critical data stored onsite. 

What would happen if your hotel was subject to a fire or flooding? Your insurance may certainly cover the cost of damages, but all of your data and vendor information will be lost. With our cloud-based solutions, not only will your data be kept safe and secure, but you can enjoy the irrefutable benefits of disaster recovery as well. 

Welcome to the Future of Hospitality Procurement

Get in touch

Do you like the sound of saving time and resources that could otherwise be invested in your guest experience? Interested in saying goodbye to outdated, manual procurement practices and instead embracing the future of purchase order management? 

Contact us to discover how our eProcurement solutions can transform your hospitality operations today. 

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OUR APP: Procure-to-pay while on the go!

From placing orders and managing recipes to approving invoices and viewing reports, with FutureLog’s native mobile app you’ll have all the power and automation of our P2P web solutions conveniently at your fingertips. Whether you’re online or offline, you can stay in control.