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Unlock the Power of your Data: The Business Intelligence tool for Hospitality

FutureLog's Business Intelligence tool is designed to empower your data-driven decision-making in hospitality. With tailored data views, lightning-fast reporting, seamless data export and more, you'll optimise procurement, adapt to market trends, enhance quality, control costs, and ensure compliance. Discover how FutureLog's BI tool can turn insights into actions for your hospitality success! 

Embrace data-driven success with FutureLog's business intelligence tool

Step into the future of data-driven decision-making. Eliminate data silos and benefit from consolidating your rich pool of procure-to-pay data in one place. We'll equip you with actionable insights, trend analyses, visualisations and in-depth analytics to help you shape and refine your strategies. Explore the potential of your data with FutureLog's Business Intelligence tool.

What Features Are Included?

Explore trends and uncover patterns in your data quickly and easily; a rich suite of reports and dashboards at your fingertips.  

Powerful data analysis

  • Aggregation of business data: 
    We aggregate a wide range of data, e.g. sales, expenses, customers and market trends.
  • Historical Data Analysis: 
    Identifying patterns and trends to understand seasonality, peak periods or expense fluctuations.
  • Advanced Machine Learning & AI algorithms: 
    Incorporated to continually improve our forecasting accuracy.
  • Scenario Planning Insights:
    Evaluate your purchasing strategy and assess cost-saving measures on expenditure.

Optimised resource management

  • Cost Optimisation Guide:
    Uncover cost-saving opportunities and enhance financial performances.
  • Procurement Efficiency:
    Enhanced resource allocation via optimised inventory and supply chain management to reduce costs.
  • Demand Predictions:
    We employ predictive analytics and statistical models to forecast future sales and demand.
  • Effective Inventory Tracking:
    To reduce waste & maintain stock availability for improved guest satisfaction. 

Compliance and security

  • Swift crisis adaptation:
    Respond rapidly to crises, minimising the impact on operations and finances.
  • Flexible Access permission Control: 
    Facilitate insights across all your divisions with BI dashboards and reports.
  • Enhanced Compliance Monitoring:
    Leverage BI for transparent adherence to best practices and compliance in your organisation.
  • Risk Management & Regulation Adherence: 
    Ensure safety, health, and environmental compliance, mitigating risks through audits.

Reports tailored for your needs

  • Slicers, sorting and filtering:
    To help you drill down into the details.
  • User-centric views:
    Switch between tabular and geographical views of your data.
  • Refine and review: 
    Experience flexible reporting; easily broaden or narrow your data according to your needs.

Informed Decision-Making across your Hospitality Business

  • Our wide range of specialised dashboards cover purchasing, receiving, recipe management, inventory management, finance, and more.
  • Easily export reports and charts, enabling confident, well-informed decision-making and reporting.
  • Gain in-depth insights into all aspect of your business from costs and spend optimisation to supplier performance and menu engineering. 

Efficient, automated P2P journeys

Futurelog in numbers

Our mission is to facilitate streamlined communication and seamless connectivity amongst all P2P stakeholders. Delivering value, simplicity & efficiency through automation and innovation is our passion, and the numbers speak for themselves.







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Your Business Intelligence questions, our answers:

Frequently asked questions

In the complex and dynamic nature of in the hospitality business, hotels deal with numerous expenses, from procurement and staffing to utilities and maintenance. Data-driven insights, such as spend analysis reports, help in identifying cost-saving opportunities and areas where expenses can be optimised. Understanding customer preferences, market trends, and demand patterns is essential for setting pricing strategies and maximising revenue. Our BI reports can provide insights into pricing adjustments, special promotions, and supplier discounts that can help you optimise your spends and make informed decisions.

FutureLog provides a comprehensive set of dashboards ready for you to dive into. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Purchase Order Status & Goods Received Analysis
  • Purchase History by Supplier, Article, Cost Centre & Price
  • Inventory History, Stock Valuation & Stock On Hand
  • Supplier Analysis and Usage Trends
  • Invoice Overviews and Transaction Reports
  • Sales Reports, Revenue by Item & Group
  • Menu Engineering; Recipe Profitability and Popularity
  • Financial Overviews, FX Rate History & Cost Type Reports
  • KPI Tracking

FutureLog aggregates a wide range of data related to your business operations, including sales data, expense data, customer data, and market trends. This data can come from various sources, such as point-of-sale systems and financial records, etc.

FutureLog's dashboards provide graphical representations of data in forms of graphs, charts, tables and more - making it easy to identify trends and patterns. Use slicers and filters to broaden or narrow your data views, you're in control. 

Intuitively designed with the hospitality industry in mind, our Business Intelligence tool is very user-friendly and easy to become accustomed to. Our Customer Success teams can guide you on the tips and tricks to make sure you're getting the most from our Business Intelligence solution.

Turning Data into Actions

Get in touch

Are you ready to unlock the power of your data? Keen to consolidate all your procure-to-pay data in one place for in-depth analyses and informed decision-making?

We'd love to hear from you. Get in touch to discuss how FutureLog's Business Intelligence solution can transform your siloed data into a wealth of actionable insights.

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OUR APP: Procure-to-pay while on the go!

From placing orders and managing recipes to approving invoices and viewing reports, with FutureLog’s native mobile app you’ll have all the power and automation of our P2P web solutions conveniently at your fingertips. Whether you’re online or offline, you can stay in control.