Streamlined Procurement Platform Features

The FutureLog Webshop is built on the premise of secure, seamless connectivity between all e-procurement stakeholders. Its streamlined ordering process, easy-to-use in-house ordering system and automated e-invoice management give you greater control, transparency and accuracy.

Customised Central Catalogue

Clear item descriptions plus easily accessible ingredient and allergen information - with full control over supplier assortments.

Real-time Pricing

You're in control! Regular data imports from suppliers ensure your WebShop prices are always up-to-date.

Approval Process

Tailor the approval process to your needs - whether it's PO, pricing, transactions, invoices, CAPEX or budget approvals.

Inventory Management

Efficient transactions & inventory-taking with reduced manual input and centralised master data

Recipe Handling

Create recipes with real-time ingredient costing and share within your oganisation

CAPEX Handling

Easily manage your CAPEX with an automated approval workflow and speedy invoice assignment

Invoice Handling

A secure, efficient and transparent invoice approval process with a digital archive solution.

Contract Management

Host all of your contract management in one central, easily accessible & secure place.

Multi-Device System

Whether you're using a computer, smartphone or tablet, there's no installation or hardware investment required.

Data Analysis

A comprehensive dashboard will provide you with actionable insights and overviews of all your transactions.

Financial Integrations

Quick & easy integration with existing accounting systems according to your data requirements.

Easy Interfacing

Setting up interfaces between your POS system, Accounting tools and external IMS is quick and easy.

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