Procure-To-Pay Software and How It Works

How the FutureLog procure-to-pay platform works.


All your suppliers in one place

Facilitating a simplified, streamlined ordering process in a secure environment, the FutureLog WebShop gives you access to all your supplier product ranges in one place. Retrieve previous orders for future use; check price comparisons and monitor all transactions centrally with full content control.


Paperless, transparent processing

An affordable, automated electronic invoice management component that will save you time and money throughout the invoice handling process, guaranteeing a transparent, unified invoice approval workflow. A digital invoice archive is also available.

Inventory Management

Simple in-house ordering & stock overviews

Ensuring a reliable and real-time overview of your stocks, the FutureLog WebShop can issue alerts when stock is dwindling to avoid stress-inducing shortages. It also accepts shopping lists for specific recipes - and taking current stocks into account, it adjusts the order volumes accordingly with accurate costing automation. In-house ordering is simple and local suppliers can be added easily.