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In a year marked by dynamic progress and innovation, FutureLog, a leading provider of procure-to-pay software for the hospitality industry, celebrated significant accomplishments in 2023, reinforcing its commitment to advancing the P2P journey for hoteliers worldwide. With groundbreaking achievements and remarkable success, the company has set a new standard in the industry, paving the way for an exceptional year ahead in 2024.

Throughout 2023, FutureLog steadfastly focused on customer-centric innovation, resulting in substantial improvements to the user experience (UX). The company implemented transformative enhancements to its web and native mobile apps, delivering seamless, user-friendly, and intuitive procure-to-pay interactions. Key platform advancements included the launch of its Contract Management module, enhanced Recipe Management functionality and a Business Intelligence (BI) reporting suite. Additional developments included a streamlined goods-receiving process, free-text ordering, invoicing customisations, POS integrations, product certification handling and UX design overhauls.

Efficiency in contract management is a pivotal aspect of streamlined hospitality operations, and the procurement innovator's newly introduced digital archive ensures precisely that. The platform offers easy access, robust search capabilities, and automated in-app expiration notifications, allowing clients to remain audit-compliant and retain control over critical contracts, licenses, certificates, and documents.

FutureLog’s comprehensive recipe management solution also underwent a complete overhaul, enhancing culinary operations for clients. New features and functions facilitate the easy creation, organisation, and updating of recipes and menus, with direct Point of Sale (POS) integration for automated stock depletion. The solution enables effortless recipe sharing within groups, offering detailed nutritional and allergen information and comprehensive cost analyses through their BI tool.

Recognising the importance of flexibility, FutureLog has designed its procure-to-pay software to be adaptable for offline, remote, and on-the-go use. Clients can seamlessly access a robust suite of solutions on laptops, tablets, and smartphones.

FutureLog has dismantled data silos, consolidating a rich repository of procure-to-pay data with enhanced BI capabilities. Clients can access actionable insights, trend analyses, visualisations, and in-depth analytics, providing invaluable tools for shaping and refining business strategies.

In 2023, FutureLog added to its growing Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Point of Sale (POS) integrations list, including connectivity to MYOB, XERO API, Quadratus and more. This expansion strengthens the platform's global reach while aligning seamlessly with region-specific demands.

Unmatched Pace and Vision

FutureLog remains committed to continuous, agile development and innovation, as demonstrated by its ambitious 2024 development roadmap. The company is poised to continue delivering cutting-edge solutions, ensuring another year of exciting advancements.

FutureLog will continue to invest heavily in research and development to stay ahead of the curve and give its clients a competitive edge. By leveraging the latest technologies, such as artificial intelligence and machine learning, FutureLog continuously enhances its platform's capabilities, providing hotels with unprecedented insights, analytics, and automation options.

Some of 2024’s development highlights include CAPEX management, budgeting features to drive strategic spend management, AI-powered invoice processing, and leveraging Large Language Models to automate item description generation. These advanced features empower hoteliers to optimise their purchasing decisions and improve profitability.

Distinguished by unparalleled speed, ambition, and a future-oriented vision, FutureLog attributes its long-running success to a dedicated in-house team comprising frontend and backend developers, UX experts, and mobile app specialists. This team positions FutureLog as a leading hospitality technology provider, delivering creative, flexible procure-to-pay solutions.

"Our ongoing pursuit of innovation and commitment to customer-centric solutions has defined FutureLog's journey since 1999,” says Frank Dierberger, FutureLog CEO. “Based on customer requests, industry trends, and our decades of hospitality industry experience, our 2024 Development Roadmap is designed to harness the power of Artificial Intelligence, bringing even more automation and efficiency to our end-to-end suite of procure-to-pay solutions. We look forward to another year of shaping the future of procure-to-pay solutions that empower our clients to grow, enhance productivity, and reduce costs."

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About FutureLog

FutureLog provides a fully integrated, cloud-based procure-to-pay platform for the hospitality industry. We facilitate an end-to-end procurement process from purchasing, through inventory management and up to invoice processing; all available in one platform to save you time and money. The FutureLog procure-to-pay platform is the foundation for seamless connectivity between Hotel Operations, Corporate Centres and Suppliers.

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