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Earlier this week, we enjoyed the opportunity to meet some of the Mirror Foundation’s team members in Bangkok, an organisation that uses technology and innovation to improve the lives of others. In this digital age, easy access to technology and learning resources is vital for a well-rounded education, but unfortunately many schools lack the essential hardware. Represented by Kanhathai JeedangFranz Lingl and our CEO Frank Dierberger, our Bangkok team was delighted to donate refurbished laptops and keyboards no longer in use to the Mirror Foundation, happy in the knowledge that they will now enjoy an extended lifecycle while serving an important role in helping young people along their education path. A heartfelt thank you to Ladda Panyavicha, General Manager of the Mirror Foundation, for her work to make this initiative a reality. Her dedication to the cause of providing better learning resources to underserved communities is truly commendable. Thank you also to the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration for their collaboration with the Mirror Foundation on this sustainable and transformative project.

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